Managed Services - Part 3

Benefits of Managed Services

Managed Services offers a great deal of benefits, with the most apparent being proactive discovery and resolution of..

Managed Services - Part 2

IT Support of the Modern Day: Managed Services vs Break-Fix

Managed Services - Part 1

How do you know if your company is suffering from a lack of IT management? Has your technology been deployed and managed effectively? Data loss,..

Visit PARC Consulting at KScope 2018

PARC Consulting’s Neal Cawi will be presenting at this year’s KScope conference in Walt Disney World.  During his talk, Let your EPM Cloud users..

Assessing and Defining an Analytics Strategy

An analytics strategy must start with a cultural shift in how data is perceived.  Companies cannot simply acquire reporting tools, hire data..

Big Data, Analytics and Defining Strategy

Today, a majority of companies are defining and building internal analytic platforms without a defined strategy.  Instead, tactics appear scattered..

What Organizations Need to Know about Recruiting Cybersecurity Professionals


The consequences of poor cybersecurity are far-reaching and long-lasting. It can take years for the compromised companies to win back the trust of..

3 Reasons Cloud Computing is The Secure Option for Storing Healthcare Data

Healthcare organizations must follow strict rules regarding the confidentiality of patient data. Under the Health Insurance Portability and..

What to Look For in Management of Change Software

Management of Change (MOC) software helps companies ensure organizational and operational changes go smoothly. This kind of software helps..

Key Considerations For Your IT Infrastructure: Vendor Exclusive vs. Multiple Vendors

IT Infrastructure - Is it better to be Vendor Exclusive or use Multiple Vendors?

When faced with a new implementation, or a major upgrade to your IT..